The Huffington Post’s Next Ten Campaign

By Garrison Institute

We’re thrilled and honored to let you know that The Huffington Post is shining a spotlight on our work this month as part of their 10th anniversary.

The Huffington Post Next Ten campaign will help incredible causes that will shape the next decade. The Garrison Institute has been selected for “bringing mindfulness and meditation to the masses.” By tapping the power of contemplation, you can become a force for social change.

What is the Next Ten Campaign?
The Next Ten campaign celebrates the 10th year anniversary of The Huffington Post. To commemorate the anniversary, they are turning their focus toward the next 10 years, and looking at 10 areas they feel will be important in the next decade. In each of those areas, the Huffington Post has selected nonprofits that they believe are making real impact.

How can I help?
It would be very helpful if you could like and share the Garrison Institute’s posts on Facebook, share blog posts, or become a fundraiser through CrowdRise. By sharing and liking our posts you’re helping ensure that more people see them, and this will help tremendously.

If you have friends that might be willing to donate, you may want to become a fundraiser for the campaign. In order to be a fundraiser, you can set up a profile on our CrowdRise page and direct your friends, family, and network to it. Any gift amount is helpful, and appreciated!

To sweeten the deal, if you become a fundraiser and your team raises $1,000 or more we’ll welcome you as a guest for a personal retreat at the Garrison Institute!

Where can I do this?
You can find our Next Ten presence at the following:
Facebook | Twitter | Crowdrise

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