The Garrison Institute Marks a Decade of Leadership in Contemplative Education

When the Garrison Institute first launched its Contemplative Teaching and Learning (CTL) initiative in 2004, contemplative education was just emerging as a professional field. By supporting the work of pioneers in the field, convening major forums with thought leaders in the field, creating the seminal CARE for Teachers program, forming a CTL Leadership Council, and publishing a groundbreaking mapping survey of research and programs that use contemplative techniques in mainstream K-12 and alternative educational settings, the Institute has helped foster the rapid growth of contemplative education programs nationally and globally.

We are grateful to the visionary leaders who joined our CTL Leadership Council, served as Senior Advisors, and funded our work, and together gave direction, energy and momentum to the evolution of the field. They worked across disciplines to explore the science, practice and dissemination of contemplative techniques in the classroom and in teacher training, and the implications for education policy, helping to initiate a seismic shift in the education system toward more compassionate and mindful approaches to teaching and learning.

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