Michael Bennington

Creating More Cyclists: A strategy for Accelerating Adoption of Cycling for Urban Transportation

To date, attempts to encourage modal shift towards active transportation and cycling have focused on the construction of physical infrastructure such as separated bicycle lanes and bike parking. Due to fiscal restraint, as well as the slow pace of development of this infrastructure, cities like Toronto have lagged behind other urban centres which have fast tracked cycling infrastructure. In spite of this lack, Toronto has greatly increased its cycling population. In other locations, where physical infrastructure is excellent, city planners acknowledge that some demographic groups do not cycle, and are keen to use new tools to encourage them to do so. Michael Bennington of the Toronto Cycling Think and Do Tank introduces a new, evidence-based “Tool Kit” for cycling adoption, based on a comprehensive review of the scholarly evidence as well as strong psychological theory. This adaptable model will ease application in different contexts, with varied target groups, different partners delivering the program, and diverse related barriers to cycling adoption. In addition, a new business strategy is being prepared for cycle shop owners, demonstrating the increased market share possible through mode shift, and adapting the tool kit for implementation by this sector.

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