Rev. Mitchell Hescox

Reaching Conservative America

Evangelicals and Roman Catholics represent approximately 50% of the American populace, and the majority would self-identify as politically conservative. To date the solutions for creating a sustainable planet and minimizing the most severe climate impacts have focused on priories not consistent with their values. For conservatives, initial attempts to address climate change came from the wrong direction. Unfortunately, too many pushed for government-based solutions as the first step. Instead, the best solutions engage all of America to understand climate change as a threat to our children’s health and our way of life. It is not enough to reach conservatives with science alone; change depends on existing faith and moral frameworks. Important values are children’s health (unborn and born), the potential harm on future generations, national security, and efficient limited government action. Solutions must include practical and meaningful individual engagement. The above approach, tested in over 400 presentations in churches, town halls, and Christian colleges around the nation, demonstrates transformation through existing values. Establishing a moral movement committed to overcoming climate change and sustainability is possible, but only through investment in values. The transformation of theologically and politically conservative Americans requires values-driven messaging by those who hold such values.

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