Generation Shift at Buddhist Teachers Council

Buddhist Teachers Council 2011The Associated Press has published an interesting piece about the Buddhist Teachers Council held here in June, At a crossroads: Buddhism in America is facing a generation shift, which might be expected to spur varied opinions: “The [Garrison Institute’s] meditation hall is where the luminaries of Buddhism in the West recently gathered to debate… The best-known Buddhist leaders… are nearing retirement… The next generation of teachers is pushing in new directions, shaped by the do-it-yourself ethos of the Internet age and a desire to make Buddhism more accessible… It is a complex problem for a spiritual path with no ultimate worldwide authority such as a pope…” If the piece dwells somewhat on differences expressed, we’d note that a broad and deep sense of common ground was also observed at the time. You can get another take on the meeting from our video interview with Jack Kornfield, Sylvia Wetzel and Norman Fischer.

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