Variation and Diversity in Sustainability and Climate Work – CMB 2013 Synthesis Report

In June 2013 the Garrison Institute convened over 100 environmental nonprofit leaders and academic and independent researchers to consider ways of enhancing the effectiveness of efforts to engage with individuals, organizations, communities, businesses and policymakers. This report focuses on the knowledge that there is no one feasible ‘fix’ to the challenges posed by climate change; rather there are many ways of mitigating and adapting. Working on climate change from the social and behavioral facet means we are working towards wellbeing for all in a brighter, healthier and more fulfilling future, through existing social networks, finding and partnering with unlikely allies and ultimately by shifting broader cultural norms. Working towards a future marked by wellbeing means working towards a low carbon, less energy intensive future where fortified social networks enable the kinds of resilience that will be necessary to better weather extreme climate events.

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