Competitive AND Compassionate, with Nathan Romano

Welcome again to the Compassionate Leadership in Finance Podcast. With the summer season well underway, our three-part CLiF podcast in collaboration with Mindful on Wall Street is coming to a close. In this third episode we chat with Nathan Romano, President at Atalaya Capital Management and Board Member/President Emeritus of NAMI-NYC.

In this dialogue, Nathan, in his signature passionate way, shares insights on how he built a contemplative practice, how he overcame the inevitable challenges (one will make you laugh), and how he now applies mindfulness-based compassionate leadership in his capacity as a leader on Wall Street.

Listeners will learn:

  • How to be competitive and compassionate at the same time
  • The impact of being kind, retaining friends, and doing the right thing
  • Nathan’s favorite and most efficient mindfulness practices
  • What happens when you build empathy and “put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

He also reflected on how little we can really know about the content of our coworkers’ lives, and how that perspective helps him build compassion during difficult exchanges. These skills are aspects we could all reflect on, and they are part of Nathan’s personal brand.

Enjoy the podcast! If you like this episode, we recommend you listen to our previous chat with Susana Mendoza.

And please reach out to Annemieke van der Werff and Sander Tideman to request future podcast topics that would be most beneficial to you on your mindfulness journey.

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