Eighteen Examples of Contemplative Activities in the Classroom

InnerKidsLearning_To_BREATHEMindUpCAREAs part of this week’s “Advancing the Science and Practice of Contemplative Teaching and Learning” symposium to be held at the Garrison Institute, the Initiative on Contemplation and Education recruited submissions from education programs across the country to bring us the Marketplace of Ideas, a diverse showcase of 18 promising contemplative education practices and programs which are already in use, and which have demonstrated positive outcomes. Representatives from each of these programs will be present to spotlight their distinctive characteristics. You can see them all here. The diversity and strong showing gives a good indication not only of the breadth of contemplative activities in the classroom, but also of the future of evidence-based research in this area.

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  1. behzad says:

    hi my name behzad, from iran, m.a students in teaching methodology.having written the thesis about the effect of contemplative teaching on speaking fluency.would u please guide me how to do it? what activities shouid i use?please help me

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