Hope for the Future of Climate Change

CMBReport 2013-400Climate change is not a problem that can be ‘fixed;’ it’s more like a long-term health issue that must be managed. And it’s anything but a monolith, affecting diverse communities in diverse ways.  Shifting to a zero carbon society is necessary but not sufficient.  Many different forms of civic engagement, mitigating and adapting are needed to create a less energy-intensive, more hopeful future where fortified social networks make diverse communities more resilient.  That’s the gist of a new report on our 2013 Climate, Mind and Behavior symposium, which convened over 100 experts working on climate change and sustainability issues. The report synthesizes their presentations, discussions and insights into a fresh, positive vision of what our future can be. icon Variation and Diversity in Sustainability and Climate Work: 2013 Climate, Mind and Behavior Synthesis Report

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