Roy Staab Environmental Art Installation at Garrison Institute

Roy Staab ArtWith your help, ecoartspace is hoping to bring the evanescent land art of Roy Staab to the grounds of the Garrison Institute this fall.

Roy Staab is a leading environmental artist who creates site-specific sculpture and land art in natural settings. For over 30 years he has created ephemeral installations on four continents using materials he finds on site such as reeds, bamboo, saplings and grasses. He works for long hours, using nothing but his hands to weave and bind these plants together, creating Zen-like sculptures whose duration depends on weather and the forces of nature.

Watch a video of Roy Staab describing his intentions for this project (and please consider making a donation to bring it to fruition), here. Depending on funding, Staab would like to begin work during the fall of 2011.

ecoartspace, a bi-coastal non-profit organization that creates opportunities for addressing environmental issues through the arts, has worked with Staab at several locations in the past and is managing the funding campaign for this residency.

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