Susana Mendoza on Clarity and Human Relationships

Welcome again to the Compassionate Leadership in Finance Podcast. This collaboration with Mindful on Wall Street presents illuminating discussions with successful financial decision-makers on how they apply mindful leadership in their everyday life and work.

In this episode we chat with Susana Mendoza, MD Private Equity Capital Markets at TD Securities. She’s also a founding member of Mindful on Wall Street, a grassroots collaboration of mindfulness champions across the financial services industry that seek to amplify the reach of mindfulness in that sector.

Susana shares with us her personal journey in how she started her mindfulness practice and how her practice evolved over time. You will also hear how she applies mindfulness and compassion in her leadership role and how those skills help to manage challenges and cultivate the mental clarity needed to successfully strategize and foster an inclusive and diverse culture.

If you enjoy this episode (our second), we invite you to listen to our kickoff episode with Howard Fischer. And if you have ideas for future topics, please feel free to reach out to Annemieke and Sander so we can address your suggestions in a future installment. Please click our brochure at right to download and learn more about CLiF’s 2023 offerings.

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