The Public Weighs in on Our CMB Symposium via NYT Dot Earth


     Dan Schrag presenting at CMB 2013

In his recent post to his New York Times Dot Earth blog, “Could Climate Campaigners’ Focus on Current Events be Counterproductive?” Andy Revkin offers a thought-provoking take on the climate news climate, and on our 2013 Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) symposium, where he moderated a session on the current orientation towards climate change “preparedness” and its long-term implications. Pointing out “how environmental campaigners, in trying to engage a public for which global warming has little salience, may be helping sustain the still-common view that greenhouse-driven warming remains uncertain science,” Revkin cites our CMB symposium discussions of “the merits and drawbacks of real-time and long-term arguments for addressing climate change.” 

The post goes on to describe and link Dan Schrag’s and Elke Weber’s presentations from the CMB session Revkin moderated, and embeds a video of the panel discussion he led with them afterwards.  Revkin invites his readers to watch the videos and weigh in on them by posting a comment.  That sparked a lively, ongoing public discussion of our CMB symposium, with over 200 Dot Earth readers posting comments.  You can add yours here.

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