Climate, Mind and Behavior

Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium, March 2010

openClimate, Mind and Behavior is convening leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of climate change and environmental advocacy, neuro-, behavioral and evolutionary economics, psychology, policy-making, investing and social media, working together on ways to shift behavior on a large enough scale to realize large-scale emissions reduction. It brought experts from these fields together for the first-ever CMB symposium March 9-12, 2010 at Garrison, New York.
Watch videos on key presentations from the symposium.


Other Recordings

Affordable Housing Podcast, February 2010: a roundtable discussion of green affordable housing. Jonathan Rose, CEO and founder of Jonathan Rose Companies and co-founder and chairman of the Garrison Institute, Dana Bourland, Vice President of Green Initiatives for Enterprise Community Partners, and Linda Mandolini, Executive Director of Eden Housing, discuss green building and smart growth in the context of affordable housing development. The Affordable Housing Podcast, provided by Eden Housing, explores the issues and challenges in affordable housing today.