Ep 3: Moving Towards Action with Jaimie Cloud

Welcome to the third episode of the Climate, Mind and Behavior Podcast. Each episode, we’ll explore groundbreaking intersections between climate change, resilience, contemplative practice and human behavior.

Jaimie Cloud is the founder and president of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education in New York City. The Cloud Institute is dedicated to the vital role of education in creating awareness, fostering commitment, and guiding actions toward a healthy, secure and sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations. Cloud writes and publishes extensively, and consults, coaches and teaches in schools, municipalities and organizations around the country and in other parts of the world.

Jaimie Cloud has also been an advisor to the Climate, Mind and Behavior Program. We sat down together to talk about how to move people into action instead of denial, as well as Cloud’s personal journey as a leader in the field of Sustainability Education.

To learn more about The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, visit their website, CloudInstitute.org. Our Theme music is composed by Zoë Keating. You can find her music on iTunes or on her website, Zoë Keating.com. The photograph for this episode is by Abigail Keenan. To view the original in the unsplash.com archive, click here.

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