Deepening Feedback Loops: Our CBB Synthesis Report

CBBReport 2013-400The US building sector accounts for almost half (45%) of our greenhouse gas emissions and three-quarters (75%) of our electricity use.  That makes the stakes of optimizing energy performance in the building sector roughly as high as the transportation or industrial sectors combined

Beyond the physical plant, energy use in buildings is largely determined by the choices and behaviors of people occupying and managing them.  Research shows that working with the human dimension of how a building performs can make an enormous difference. For example, giving office building occupants Web-based tracking tools can lead to a 15% reduction in individual energy usage.

That’s the topic of our Climate, Buildings and Behavior (CBB) symposia, where building professionals and experts explore how applying the latest research and field experience leads to behavioral changes that significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint.  Our new CCB synthesis report offers short summaries of takeaways from our 2013 CBB meeting and includes short descriptions and links to video of key presentations. 

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