April 24: Earth Day Dinner with Andy Revkin

food  water buffet line r1Join us this Earth Day, April 24 at 7pm, for our fifth annual Modern Earth Day Meal hosted by the Institute in collaboration with Fresh Company. It features a talk by environmental journalist and Dot Earth blogger Andy Revkin on “An Earth Day for the Age of Us” – a reference to our human-dominated era widely nicknamed “the Anthropocene.”    

Over dinner Revkin will discuss how successful navigation of “the age of us” depends on humans getting comfortable with ourselves,  familiar with our impacts and our faults, and spending less time shouting “woe is me” or “shame on you,” and more time figuring out how to make intelligent, sustainable choices.

With that in mind, the menu combines local and imported foods and flavors, with many ingredients sourced from local growers and vendors. Dinner will be served in the Institute’s beautiful dining room, where we will gather at communal tables and enjoy a generous buffet. The Institute will donate a percentage of the $40 fee to Chef’s Collaborative, an organization promoting sustainable cuisine.

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