Seeking Solace: Attendance is up at this New York meditative retreat in Garrison

The Garrison Institute has been gradually re-opening to physically distanced in-person retreats.  Participants of recent retreats including Compassion Meditation for an Aching World – A Dharma Gates Retreat with Miles Bukiet in July and Unplugged: A Sound and Yoga Retreat in August shared a bit about their experience in an article featured in The Journal News. The below excerpt recounts an experience of a college student, Molly Babbin:

As the pandemic continued, she felt a mounting sense of helplessness, fueled by being cooped up at home, the social unrest in the country and the toll the coronavirus was taking on people’s heath and economic well-being.

So in July, when she read about an in-person meditation retreat specifically targeted at people ages 18 to 30, she was intrigued.

The three-day yoga and meditation retreat, held at the Garrison Institute in Putnam County, by a group called “Dharma Gates”, was the reset she needed.

“We were able to connect with each other in a way that you really can’t do over a computer screen”

Dharma Gates Retreat

Molly Babbin, center, Dharma Gates retreat participant, July 2020

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Join Garrison Institute CEO, Jonathan Wiesner on a virtual tour of the Garrison Institute building and grounds, as well a photo gallery.

For a list of upcoming virtual and in-person events, including another Unplugged: A Sound and Yoga Retreat, visit our calendar.

Socially distanced meditation session, Summer 2020


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